Axure RP 8 online comprehensive training for UX professional, orgnization and individual person who what to make career in UX Design.

axure rp 8 training

Trainings Highlights

Challenges are everywhere, we do find solutions some works other doesn't
Learn the effective way doing the same with Axure RP

Dynamic panels

A container that can hold multiple layers but at time only one layer is available and that is the beauty

Design Ideation

With axure you can not only just create a design but also share it securely


No matter how many page you have on your prototype, you change once it will reflect everywhere

Flow chart

With axure you can rapidly creating complete user journey through flow chart get early feedback, no extra tool is required.

Data driven

Creating data driven prototype that can show "true" dynamic sorting and filtering

Adaptive design

After create a prototype, you can even make it Adaptive. That is "awesome". It is like holding superpower in your hand