Axure Tutorials - Import and edit your SVG in Axure RP 8

Yes, the SVG feature is now arrived in Axrue RP. Now you can edit SVG in Axure RP 8 itself.

You will not see option right away in Axure RP 8. You need to install Version or Higher.

  • Drag and Drop Image widget.
  • Double click on it.
  • Select any svg file in your machine. If you don't have one, please download one from here. A sample SVG file.
  • Right click Select "Convert SVG to Shape"
  • Bingo... you are done. Now axure understand custom shapes as normal shape.
  • You can add color, gradient or border as pre your need

With Axure RP 8 one can create desktop and mobile prototype design. Axure RP 8 can play an important role to incorporate lean UX approach in an organization. It also helps to conduct usability testing, enterprise us design and user research. Axure is best app wireframe tool to create a mockup.

We take time from our personal lives to support for making tutorials which isn't always easy, but we love it when people show they care by sharing.

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